About 3E

3E Product Development is a major prototyping company based in China, providing a comprehensive range of Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing processes, offering solutions to a wide range of project types in many varied industries.
3EPD offers effective solutions to meet all of your Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing needs, bringing your product from concept, all the way through production.
Our strategic location in China gives us the competitive advantage for any process involving manual work, such as CNC prototyping, vacuum casting, model finishing and sheet metal prototype forming.

01. Our Vision

We are not going to be the largest prototyping company in the world, but we will be one of the companies who offer the best quality.

02. Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality rapid prototypes and outstanding customer service.

03. Our Value

Our production team are able to provide the most suitable solution for your products which helps to bring the cost down.

04. Expanding Goal

We will invest more precision 4, 5 axis CNC machines. And high quality inspection facilities.

Company History

3E Product Development started as a tiny trading company. But whatever small or big, we always do our best. And quality always come the first. That’s how we win trust from our customers.


We start the company

CNC Milling


Increase Our Facilies


Inspection machines on the way

CNC workshop


We Started our own factory

We received more and more RFQs with complex components. It is not possible to outsource these kind of component among our partners. In order to win these projects, we decided to have our own factory. We started with 4 imported CNC milling machines, 1 CNC turning, 1 EDM and 4 manual milling machines.

CNC machining


We bought 2 more imported 4 aixs machines

Customers are obviously happy with the presice prototypes we provide as the order amount goes up. We decided to increase our capacity.

Our team


Ronan Ye

Managing Director


Neil Ye

Senior Project Manager


Victor Liu

Senior Project Manager


Michael Oosthuizen

Designer & Project Manager