Our Case Studies

Here are sample descriptions of our work we did for our customers. These case studies comprises all the details about the project and how we implemented our skills to give out the best result. As we keep taking new challenges, more cases is coming soon.

Light guide 500

PMMA Light Guide Prototyping

This is one of many light guides we’ve made for the automotive industry. The part was made by high Speed CNC Milling from solid PMMA block, and polished by hand.


Customized exhuasts for RR

The customer need a few hundred sets of exhuasts for customize car.  It is too costly to make this kind of quantity by 3D print or CNC milling. Our team figure out a solution eventually. We combine extrusion and CNC milling which allow us to get it done with acceptable price.

Customer is extremely happy with our performance.

Aluminum Reflector Prototype

 Aluminum Reflector

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DMLS 500


The designer created this two-part ring assembly with internal space for a micro SD card. Initially they opted for prototyping by DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) – arguably the most accurate additive manufacturing process for metal parts.

3D Glasses frame prototype

3D Glasses Frame Prototype

In order to make the glass as light weight as possible, the designer choose Magnesium and PEI.  For Magnesium parts, we did non-conductive passivation before painting.  The PEI parts are paint directly.

IMG_5213 ED

High Gloss Surface by HSM

To produce an optical prototype, it is important that all the features are respect to the CAD files. From high speed 5 axis milling machines, we are able to use R0.1 or even smaller cutter. Normally, we can obtain Ra 0.2 surface from milling which is good enough for vacuum metallized directly.